Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
For the First Time Ever, There is Video of the Planet Mars Rendered in 4K

The has been produced from photos captured by the three most profitable rovers.

Folks typically surprise why we do not have reside from the . Now we have despatched spacecraft there in spite of everything and received back data.

Though all of the spacecraft despatched to Mars had high-quality cameras, the speed at which the rovers can ship information again to Earth is problematic. Curiosity, as an illustration, can solely ship information at 32 kilo-bits per second.

When the rover can hook up with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, higher speeds of two Megabits per second may be achieved. This connection, nonetheless, is simply out there for eight minutes every Martian day.

All which means sending video footage from the planet would take an unlimited period of . Since all the things on the planet is static regardless, it is just logical to ship photos.

Fortunate for us, ElderFox Documentaries used photos from probably the most profitable rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, to render Mars in for the primary time. The top result’s each stunning and galvanizing.

The video even has all of the names that NASA has given to totally different areas of the planet so you’ll be able to know precisely what you’re looking at. When you’re curious as to how the group made this spectacular video, additionally they clarify that all through the video. 


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