Mon. Mar 8th, 2021
Lightweight Iodine Thruster Could Help Solve Space Junk Problem - Universe Today

Rocket gas is without doubt one of the most vital parts of any maneuverable spacecraft.  That can be true for ion thrusters – whereas they don’t use conventional chemical gas, they do nonetheless want a feed supply for his or her ion engines.  Now, a staff from ThrustMe, a derivative of the École Polytechnique and CNRS, has designed a kind of ion thruster utilizing a very novel propellant – iodine.

Ion thrusters usually use xenon as a propellant, which has a number of disadvantages when in comparison with .  Firstly, it’s a fuel, whereas iodine is a stable at room temperature and strain.  Iodine additionally sublimates on to a fuel when heated, permitting for the storage and propulsion methods of a spacecraft to function with two totally different states of the fabric.  

Video describing the operation of an ion .

Iodine can be cheaper, non-toxic, and far simpler to deal with that the noble fuel it goals to exchange.  Lastly, iodine can be denser than competing applied sciences, which is especially helpful in -constrained environments similar to small satellites.

That CubeSat market is strictly what ThrustMe is hoping to seize with this novel kind of thruster.  Significantly, they hope to make use of this new, cheaper, and extra compact thruster to take care of issues similar to deorbiting and area .  With extra propellant, it will be a lot simpler to manage a satellite tv for pc’s descent on the finish of its life, creating much less derelict junk in area and guaranteeing something coming into the environment wouldn’t hurt something on the bottom.

A ThrustMe system is put in on the Beihanghongshi-1 CubeSat.
Credit score Spacety

Step one towards that dream launched on a mission final November, and the system has been efficiently take a look at fired.  ThrustMe now hopes to manage the orbit of the satellite tv for pc it’s affixed to as a proof of idea demonstration for future prospects.  With their success, there may be some important curiosity in iodine to be used in area exploration within the not too distant future.

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Lead Picture: Iodine Thruster underneath take a look at.
Credit score: ThrustMe

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