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Understanding Gravity: The Force That Is and Isn't a Thing

We expertise gravity each single residing second of our lives with out ever actually occupied with it. However what’s it, and can we completely perceive it?

Right here we briefly discover our present of and examine whether or not we might ever artificially create it in space.

How does gravity work on Earth?

“What goes up should come down,” because the well-known adage goes. However why? What is going on on, and what causes gravity?

Although we’ve got solely actually began to know what it’s, the phenomenon has been contemplated for millennia.

Greek philosophers, for instance, as soon as thought that the planets and stars had been components of the realm of the gods. By their estimation, they had been topic to what they known as “natural motion“. 

Whereas they did not develop the idea a lot past that, their rationalization would stay predominant in western thought till the work of Galileo and Brahe within the 16th Century.  

Their work would assist spark a revolution in our understanding of gravity, and would profoundly affect the work of Isaac Newton. 


Gravity, as Newton posited, is the drive that retains the Earth in orbit across the Solar.  As it’s possible you’ll keep in mind out of your days at school, gravity tends to be outlined as: 

“The drive by which a planet or different physique attracts objects towards its middle. The drive of gravity retains the entire planets in orbit across the solar.” – NASA.

In different phrases, something with mass exerts a drive on some other factor with mass and has a drive exerted on it. The larger the mass of the objects and the shorter the gap between them, the stronger the pull of the gravitational forces they exert on one another.

Supply: Le Luxographe/Flickr

Everytime you leap up within the air, unintentionally knock one thing off a desk or throw a ball within the park on your canine to catch, you intuitively know the implications of your actions. All of them return, ultimately, to the bottom. 

Einstein would later present a really completely different rationalization than Newton for gravity. In keeping with his theories, gravity is a results of curvature in space-time. The mass of an object causes the area round it to basically bend and curve.  This distorts the trail that objects (and lightweight) should traverse, creating the impact we name gravity.

In impact, any object ‘caught’ in one other celestial physique’s gravity is affected as a result of the area it’s transferring by means of is curved towards that object. 

Einstein additionally launched the idea of the “equivalence principle.” This states that gravitational and inertial forces are of an identical nature and infrequently indistinguishable. 

For instance this, think about you had been in a rocket ship with no home windows, unable to view the skin universe out of your environment. On this case, it might be unattainable to inform if the downward drive you are feeling as gravity is an actual drive or the consequence of the rocket accelerating in a selected route. 

Understanding gravity

Can we utterly perceive gravity? Put merely, sure, and likewise no. Whereas it is likely one of the most generally studied natural phenomena within the universe, we nonetheless do not actually perceive it. 

As we’ve got seen, Isaac Newton and Einstein made important progress in serving to perceive gravity, however we’re nonetheless not solely positive what it’s, or whether it is truly a factor in any respect.

In keeping with Einstein, gravity is extra of a consequence of the bending of space-time than a real drive in its personal proper. 

What we do know, is that our bodies with mass are attracted to at least one one other. This “drive” is distance-dependent and weakens the additional away the our bodies are.

It’s also a measurable phenomenon and is likely one of the weakest forces in nature. Take into consideration your common fridge magnet, for instance. These are simply capable of defy the pull of gravity from one thing as large because the Earth. You’re additionally capable of escape gravity’s results, albeit quickly,  just by leaping. 

However this relationship appears to interrupt down utterly on the quantum level. It simply would not appear to suit, and we do not know why.

theory of gravity falling
Supply: thatsmallphotographer/Flickr

On the grand scale, our present theories of gravity are fairly helpful for serving to to foretell the habits of huge objects, however on the teenie tiny quantum scale, the present theories of gravity don’t work. 

This is likely one of the largest points in physics immediately. Many physicists hope to sooner or later create a unified theory of macro and quantum physics that may assist clarify what’s going on. 

How does gravity assist us?

Gravity is likely one of the most basic forces within the universe. Arguments about the way it works apart, no matter gravity is, it’s a essential factor for all times on our planet.  

Gravity is the rationale objects on Earth have weight and don’t merely float off into area. For those who had been to reside on a planet with much less mass, you’d weigh much less and be capable of leap a lot larger. 

Gravity additionally retains the Earth throughout the so-called “Goldilocks Zone” – the gap from our Solar the place water can exist in liquid form. This simply so occurs to be important for all times. 

Gravity additionally helps preserve Earth’s environment in place, offering air for us to breathe. Mars, for instance, is lower than half Earth’s dimension and round one-tenth Earth’s mass. Much less mass means much less gravitational pull, and in reality, Mars’ environment is simply about 1/100th as dense as Earth’s. 

Gravity additionally performs an element in preserving our planet collectively. Gravity can also be what retains the moon in orbit round Earth. The gravitational pull of the moon pulls the seas in direction of it, inflicting the ocean tides. 

However, apparently, the energy of gravity just isn’t equal everywhere on the Earth. It’s barely stronger over locations with much more mass underground than over locations with much less mass

We all know this due to two NASA spacecraft and their Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission. 

how gravity works gravisphere
Supply: NASA/Wikimedia Commons

In keeping with NASA, the GRACE mission “detects tiny modifications in gravity over time. These modifications have revealed necessary particulars about our planet. For instance, GRACE displays modifications in sea stage and might detect modifications in Earth’s crust introduced on by earthquakes.” 

Can gravity be created?

As we’ve got already seen, Einstein proposed that gravity is definitely a consequence of the distortion of space-time brought on by completely different our bodies. Because of this, it must be potential to develop artificial gravity, at the very least within the void of area. 

What is required is to offer a way of acceleration in a single route that ought to, in accordance with Einstein, produce an impact just like gravity. This may be completed by means of linear acceleration, like a rocket, or by means of angular momentum, i.e. centripetal impact or acceleration. 

This can be a frequent theme in lots of sci-fi books and movies. Consider the rotating spacecraft in 2001: A Area Odyssey, for instance. 

artificial gravity
Supply: Colin Payson/Flickr

As long as the ship is giant sufficient, it ought to be capable of produce a drive on its occupants that will be virtually indistinguishable from gravity on EarthIt would not be precisely the identical, although, as a result of giant Coriolis forces would even be current, and issues would fall in curves as a substitute of straight strains.

This additionally has some inherent issues. The sooner one thing is accelerating, the larger the gravitational pull, or g-forces, on the occupants. 

This isn’t an issue for stationary craft, like an area station, however for ships that would want to journey lengthy distances at excessive acceleration, it might show catastrophic for the crew. 

If the craft had been to journey at solely a small fraction of the pace of sunshine, the crew would seemingly expertise one thing in extra of 4,000 gs. That’s, in accordance with an article in Forbes, greater than 100 occasions the acceleration wanted to stop blood move in your physique – – in all probability not supreme. 

It has been hypothesized that this may be gotten round through the use of electromagnets and conductive “flooring” in ships, however you’d nonetheless have the issue of a “downward” drive. There may be seemingly no technique of “shielding” the crew from the consequences of gravity at excessive velocities in area. 

The one method to cope with this sooner or later could also be to develop some type of unfavorable, or anti-gravitational, field. Nevertheless, like all matter, we’ve got at the very least some constructive mass, so we would want a method to create a unfavorable gravitational mass. 

artificial gravity spaceship
Supply: NASA/Flickr

That is precisely what’s being labored on on the ALPHA experiment at CERN. Researchers, there are working with trapped antihydrogen atoms, the antimatter counterpart of hydrogen. 

By exact comparisons of hydrogen and antihydrogen, the experiment hopes to review basic symmetries between matter and antimatter. Finally, this might result in the measurement of the gravitational acceleration of antimatter. 

Whether it is discovered that antimatter accelerates, within the presence of the gravitational discipline on the floor of Earth, at a unfavorable worth (e.g. a price aside from +9.eight m/s2), this may theoretically permit the development of a gravitational conductor to protect ourselves from the gravitational drive.

In keeping with Forbes: “If it turns into delicate sufficient, we might then measure which manner it falls in a gravitational discipline. If it falls down, the identical as regular matter, then it has constructive gravitational mass, and we won’t use it to construct a gravitational conductor. But when it falls up in a gravitational discipline, that modifications all the pieces. With a single experimental consequence, synthetic gravity would out of the blue develop into a bodily chance.”

If profitable, this might additionally open the door for a gravitational capacitor to create a uniform synthetic gravity discipline. It might even, in idea, permit the creation of a “warp drive” – a method to deform spacetime.

Nevertheless, till we are able to uncover a particle or set of particles, which have unfavorable gravitational mass, synthetic gravity will solely be potential by means of mechanical means, like acceleration, and so on.

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