Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
Tumbleweed-Like Mine Kafon Ball Uses Wind to Detonate Landmines

The Mine , designed by Afghan designer Massoud Hassani, is a superb instance of an expertly-designed machine using low-cost supplies to attain unimaginable outcomes.

The -powered machine, which appears considerably like a Hoberman sphere, is “roughly the peak and weight of the common man, permitting it to set off because it rolls throughout them,” an outline on the Mine Kafon website explains.

By making the machine, Massoud Hassani set out with the lofty aim to eradicate landmines from , utilizing a tool that prices as little as $40.

The ’s legs are constructed utilizing low-cost bamboo. Supply: Mine Kafon

On the spherical machine’s core is a 37 lb (17 kg) iron casing. Dozens of low-cost bamboo legs capped with specifically designed compliant plastic “ft” give the Mine Kafon a bigger floor space for rolling.

Although the ball does maintain injury when it triggers a landmine, it has sufficient legs to permit it to roll over roughly 4 landmines earlier than components have to be changed.

Wind-Powered Mine Kafon Ball Detonates Landmines With Bamboo Legs
The Mine Kafon Ball’s GPS unit is excessive sufficient to keep away from injury from most landmines. Supply: Mine Kafon

General, the machine weighs 70 kg (154 lb), that means it’s mild sufficient to be propelled by a standard breeze, whereas being heavy sufficient to set off landmines it rolls over.

The ball can be geared up with a GPS unit — positioned excessive sufficient to keep away from injury from most mines — that maps the route the Mine Kafon has taken, permitting customers to map areas which have been swept by the machine.

Toy-inspired design permits reasonably priced landmine elimination

Landmine elimination by skilled landmine-clearing consultants could be prohibitively costly, with prices ranging between $300 and $1000 for the elimination of 1 landmine. It’s also, in fact, extremely dangerous for the professionals concerned.

Nonetheless, as a Landmine Monitor report reveals, in 2019, at the very least 5,554 casualties of mines had been recorded and there are regarded as 110 million energetic landmines worldwide, highlighting the necessity for environment friendly elimination applications.  

The Mine Kafon Ball is not Hassani’s solely initiative: a 2020 project funded by the European Fee developed know-how for drones (UAVs) to take down mines from the air.

Wind-Powered Mine Kafon Ball Detonates Landmines With Bamboo Legs
Massoud Hassani has additionally labored with the European Fee on creating drone mine elimination options, Supply: Mine Kafon

In an interview with CNN, Hassani claimed that the concept for the Mine Kafon Ball was impressed by toys he used to play with as a baby. “Certainly one of them was slightly rolling object that was carried by the wind. We’d race them towards one another within the native fields,” he defined.

“Generally, as a result of presence of landmines, they might roll off into locations that we weren’t permitted to go.”

Utilizing Hassani’s know-how, members of comparable communities sooner or later might escape the necessity to keep away from complete fields and landscapes to keep away from risking their lives.

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