Fri. Apr 16th, 2021
Mars Perseverance Rover's Parachute Has Two Hidden Messages

The parachute that assisted NASA’s Perseverance rover land on Mars last week ballooned open with two secret messages hidden inside. What regarded like a random sequence of orangey-red and white colours have been, in truth, two hidden messages written in binary laptop code. 

It took house followers only a few hours to crack the code that was created by a puzzle lover on the spacecraft’s workforce. Techniques engineer, Ian Clark, had hidden the straightforward but good message of “Dare Mighty Things” into the 70-foot (21-meter) parachute’s interior concentric rings.

The saying is JPL’s motto, which derives from a speech by former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.

The hidden message was inside Perseverance’s parachute. Supply: NASA 

There was additionally a secret message embedded within the outer ring of the parachute — JPL’s coordinates in , the place the Perseverance rover was constructed and the mission is managed.

Clark, a crossword hobbyist, got here up with the concept of a secret message two years in the past, which he described as “tremendous enjoyable.” The workforce needed to have a sample positioned on the parachute to know the way it was oriented throughout its descent. What higher approach to take action than with an embedded secret message?

Apparently, solely six individuals knew concerning the hidden message till the information was uncovered, which was confirmed on Monday as Adam Steltnzer, Perseverance’s chief engineer, posted on Twitter, which was adopted by a NASA news release on Tuesday.

Not solely does the Perseverance rover have a cool parachute, but it surely additionally has a small “household portrait” of all of the Mars rovers. You can examine it to a automotive bumper sticker of a stick household. The plaque will be seen when scrutinizing a few of the thousands of images NASA shared from Perseverance’s preliminary Mars photographs. 

Looks as if we will anticipate finding extra hidden messages on the Mars Perseverance rover — we will not wait to seek out out!

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