Fri. Apr 16th, 2021
Watch an 110-Pound Iron Anvil Float on Liquid Mercury

That is what occurs whenever you drop a 110-pound iron anvil in mercury.

Seeing an anvil would possibly throw you again to your childhood days thanks to 1 Wile E. Coyote who made the item a relic of fashionable tradition. On this video by the YouTube channel Cody’sLab, this heavy and dense object will be seen in a bath filled with liquid mercury.

To do the demonstration, he finds a big tub and fills it with mercury. Then, he drops a 110-pound (49.9-kilogram) iron anvil in it to see it float. This would possibly shock you, nevertheless it actually should not since mercury is so dense that parts equivalent to lead, silver, and copper would additionally float on it with ease. The YouTuber states that it floats higher than wooden floats on water. 

Not solely this can be very satisfying to see how the liquid mercury does not persist with the anvil, however the reflective of it shining in your eyes can even make you recognize the wonderful demonstration.


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