Thu. May 13th, 2021
Stopping Water From Expanding When It Freezes Doesn't Go as Planned

Water’s quantity will increase by 10 p.c when it freezes, however may that power break metal?

Here is a enjoyable reality: When water turns from a liquid to a stable, its quantity will increase by about 10 p.c. You may need already heard about this, however what would occur in the event you had the water in a container that does not increase in any respect? Would the water keep as a liquid? Or would it not nonetheless flip right into a stable with out increasing? Stating that he has gotten this query quite a bit, The Motion Lab tries to cease water from increasing whereas it, however the experiment takes an fascinating flip.

To do the experiment, he fills a metal container with water. Then, capping off the with one other metal cap, he freezes it stable and sees if it really breaks or if the water — ice — could be contained inside.

In the event you’re inquisitive about watching such experiments, ensure you additionally try this one the place The Motion Lab boils water with his bare hands or this one the place he builds a bizarre ‘floating table’ held up by strings solely. 

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